Hypatia Extracts has closed.

We’ve gave this project our whole hearts and our best efforts, but we had to throw in the towel.

We value each and every one of you, and we hope the best for all of our customers, friends, and partners.

Best wishes,

-Hypatia Team

Hypatia Extracts

We've named our company after a woman who lived in Hellenistic Egypt nearly two thousand years ago. Her name was Hypatia of Alexandria, and she, like us, was a scientist, a philosopher, and a great observer. 

We made this choice not only because her training and talents resemble our own, but also because she's a symbol. 

She's a symbol of science. She's a symbol of truth in the face of disinformation. And she's a symbol of resistance.

At Hypatia Extracts, we believe that science can be put to the public good. We believe that the stigmas against hemp products are misguided, and we believe that empowered people can make good, well-informed decisions to take control of their health. 

We're just beginning our journey, but we believe that our hemp extracts can make a real difference in people's lives. 

We invite you to include us in your own exploration of your health and wellness, and to share with us any success stories that could inspire others to do the same. Please feel free contact us at

Learn more about Hypatia of Alexandria on Wikipedia by clicking here.


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