Joanna Gruesome on Hypatia and RollerCon

As something of an outsider to the Roller Derby world, I've been both surprised and struck by an earnestness, a sincerity, and a deep level of genuine honesty that surrounds and permeates this community. 

Just days before we left for the 2018 RollerCon event in Las Vegas, our partner Brittany Strachan (Joanna Gruesome in the Derby World) echoed this sincerity in a Facebook Post that we'd like to share with you. 

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#novel #somanyfeelings #sorrynotsorry This is my 7th Rollercon trip and OMG. If ya didn’t know, I leveled up probably more than I was actually prepared to, and am teaching a beginner ramps class AND working a booth for Hypatia Extracts to bring our amazing pain relief options to the skating community.

It’s been a hell of a ride preparing and I’m gonna be so proud to show off the results of that hard work. So please come see me at the Hypatia booth, and send good thoughts that I can step up to all these new and amazing challenges with grace and success.

I am so grateful to all the folks that have helped me get to where I am, and put up with me while I am in a state of crazier-than-usual. Especially to Jessica Gravel, my Rollercon partner in crime, who has done so so much to support me and allow me to follow my dreams. Listening to my endless (ENDLESS) navel gazing and introspection, getting dragged out of a class because I wanted to go to the giant ferris wheel with Jay Cloetens, reassuring me when I get overwhelmed and insecure, driving us back to the hotel when I start crying at the skatepark because I am mean to myself, bad relationships and that year that I was pining to death over a dude that just randomly stopped texting me back, and my generally impulsive behavior (we are getting OUT of this elevator NOW IDK WHY)... I go to Rollercon every year searching for inspiration about who I want to be, and this year feels like the pinnacle of all that. But I never, NEVER, could have taken even the first step here without those years of searching. It wasn’t always pretty but she was there for it all and never once made me feel anything but supported, accepted, and loved for who I am. Thanks for seeing me, and having the patience to hang in there.

Also, immense gratitude for the rest of the Hypatia team (Frank StonerJarrod Mcbay, and my sweet hardworking birthday love Adam Montoya). They took my half-baked idea of having a RC booth and made it into something so much more than I ever could have imagined. They’ve put in a staggering amount of work, on top of their already full lives, all gambling on my word that this was gonna be a truly great event. I’m in awe of the level of trust and commitment that everyone has shown and I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this team.