Coloradans: Vote YES on Amendment X


Vote YES on Colorado Amendment X!

This midterm election, it seems, is a busy one! There are dozens of items on this year's ballot, both in Colorado and across the country. With so much to look through, though, we know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed. 

Given that, we want to state our position on Amendment X here in Colorado. 

We are absolutely in favor (VOTE YES) of Amendment X.

Here's the short explanation:

1. A YES vote on Amendment X will help Colorado farmers. 

2. A YES vote on Amendment X will help Colorado-based hemp companies (like ours) in the future. 

3.A YES vote on Amendment X will help the Colorado state legislature stay ahead of the curve nationally and will help Colorado hold its edge as the country’s leading hemp state. 

For now, that's the short of it. 

Check back later this week for a more in-depth and detailed analysis of what's what with Colorado's Amendment X, including who’s behind it, what specifically it will do, and what, specifically are benefits and reasons to be in favor of it.