Hypatia Lip Balm No. 30 (3 pack)

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Hypatia Lip Balm No. 30 (3 pack)

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Get three times the relief and help heal, soften, and nourish your lips with our Balm No. 30 3-packs!

The climate here in Colorado is extra dry, and a dependable lip balm is an absolute must! (Though we admit that Colorado isn't the only place you need a good lip balm!) 

Hypatia Lip Balm No. 30 comes in a super-convenient screw-bottom dispenser, making it all the more easy to keep up with and keep applied! 

Our Lip Balm No. 30 comes infused with a super boost of 30mg of hemp extract, which, combined with shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax gives you a smooth, silky feeling on those tired lips. 

We've added a boost of peppermint for a smooth, smacky candy cane finish. 

Zero psychoactive effects.

Use daily for best results.

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